LED Light VS Halogen Light

Best Jeep wrangler LED headlights is also called projection light, headlamps, headlamps and so on, which are mainly used to build decorative lighting use (currently not having reached the light function), the external type also has a round good because it generally has to consider the cause of heat dissipation, so its appearance and the traditional cast light or some differences.

LEDs Energy-carbon protection, for example: Zhihai floodlight 30W, instead of metal halide 70W, an energy-saving rate of 57% Zhihai led headlight 50W , replacing metal halide 100W, saving rate of 50% metal halide belongs höggasladdningslampa, light placing body area small, lightweight aggregate, irradiation , penetrating force strong, but the light color is a bit poor, starting slowly, the ultraviolet content is high.

Due to the use of inductive ballast, metal halide lamp with its own high power consumption, start-up instant very high starting current, such as 400w metal halide lamp at the beginning of the current momentarily generated up to about 15A, influence On electrical life, very large, often broken air gears are while the ballast itself consumes a lot of electricity, the user caused large electricity costs, speed up the aging time, led by the use of constant current driver, low power consumption, high power factor, to avoid the above problems.

LED is called fourth-generation energy-saving lighting products, environmental protection: Mercury-free, UV-free. Energy saving: high light efficiency, current mass production reaches 160lm / w. Long life: 70% optical flow maintenance life up to 36,000 hours.

Not afraid of vibration, can realize fog, intelligent control. Stroboscopic is a kind of light pollution caused by periodic variation of the light flux of the spot light source with the AC voltage. Strobe is the "invisible killer" of light environment, which can cause myopia and migraine headaches. Halogen flood light is very serious, people's eyes will feel the flashing light, human visual system damage is very large. The LED has no strobe, as it switches the AC current to a direct current, and the DC voltage does not change periodically.

Wall lighting with bright COB LEDs - gives better light and longer durability.
Perfect at the stairs, the carport or towards the courtyard where extra light is needed.
Can be advantageously connected to a motion monitor - lights up automatically.
Small and smooth - only 65 mm deep.
IP65 - with stands outdoors in all weather conditions.

Safety for children when traveling

If you have a child and a car then these two "equations obtained" will necessarily cross. If you often travel with your children to the shop, children's clinic or amusement park. That's why you need to know all about how to make your trip comfortable and safe for your baby. Unfortunately, the statistics for Bulgaria are very sad, many children die from road accidents because of their parents' neglect. Many mothers and dads think it safe to put their child on the lap. But even in a crash with a low speed, there is a good chance of dropping your child out of your hands. The outcome of this situation is the purchase of a car seat for children. The range of car seats is enormous, so modern parents are easily confused. Which seats to choose, Italian, Polish, Bulgarian or Chinese. What are the materials,

Age categories
Child's age is the main criterion for choosing a car seat. It is important to note that the rear seats of the car should be used from 1 to 12 years of age. In the main classification there are separations of the holding devices in 3 large groups. 0 - small babies up to 1 year old. 1 - children from 1 year to 4 years old. 2 - children aged 4 to 12 years. In this classification, there may be subgroups: 0+, 1+, 2/3, etc. Some manufacturers create their own classification that often confuses parents. Let's give an example: there is a mark "0 + - 13", according to which you may think that the chair is intended for children from 3 months to 13 years. But at the age of 13, the child will no longer need a child seat or special safety device. In fact, the first digit reflects the age 0+ - from birth, and the second - the weight of the child 13 kg, this is about 1 year. If you are looking for a seat from European manufacturers, most of them are labeled according to the following principle.

Seat for car seats
The car seat can be mounted on the back or on the front seat. But there is an exception for the transport of babies. This is not clear, but all parents need to know about it. The child has a very soft skeleton during the first months of his life, so sudden body movements experience an unbearable load. Such babies should be transported as long as possible in the direction of movement.